Welcome to BlahBlahBlah.us (aka TerriLanghans.com)

You may know Terri Langhans the speaker, writer, avid tennis player, average golfer. Wife, mom, BFF, sister, aunt, Grandma. You may have known me by my maiden name: Terri Stoner. Stop laughing. I am all those Terris. And more.

Why this Blahg?

I named my speaking business Blah Blah Blah because I was all about helping people make their message stand out, get results and not be boring. And because Langhans is too difficult to remember or pronounce. (Hint:  It rhymes with “bang pans.”)

Note the use of the past tense “was” in the above paragraph. That’s right. Brace yourselves.

I. Am. Retired.

I still have BlahBlahBlah.us, my url, but it now points you here, to TerriLanghans.com, my Blahg.

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