Day 4: Fromista to Carrion del Contes

Our walking notes warned us that this 20K section would be a straight shot along a highway, through vast fields of cut hay and dying sunflowers. Actually, the notes only mentioned the distance, the highway and “crops.” We would pass through three tiny villages called Campos de [Spanish word], and that would pretty much be the only break from crops and crops and highway.

Really? This was supposed to be a straight shot. We opted for the left arrow.
At least we walked beside the road, not on it. These obelisks are found at the beginning or in the center of a community or village.
We carry water in bladders inside our daypacks, but periodically we come across a water fountain for Pilgrims to refill their bottles.
At this point we thought we were actually IN Kansas. Cut hay on the right. The dark brown on the left side of the road are sunflowers that have already been harvested for their seeds.
If Tim Burton walks the Camino, I think he might create some new characters based on these crops.
The past three nights we have had a lavender room. Tonight we are staying at a monastery converted into a hotel and we have the red room.

Physically, we both are rather proud of ourselves. Yes, our muscles ache and our feet burn by the end of the day, but so far we recover overnight and are ready to go the next morning. From my blog to God’s ears!

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