The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly—Everywhere Today

We were checking weather forecasts frequently and knew we needed to be prepared for rain. Here’s our morning selfie for Tuesday, Sept. 13.

Yes, we have matching raincoats. Best rain coat I ever bought (from REI) because it covers my hips. We also named our raincoats “Olivia.” For Olivia Pope, the main character on the TV show Scandal. (She wore the most glamorous outer wear!)

The scenery is stunning these last couple of days.

We spent the night in Tricastela, which is a village nestled in the mountains. From O’Cebreiro there is a lot of downhill walking. A lot. Knees feel it the most, but thankfully there was beautiful scenery to distract us.

Room with a view.

In the village of Tricastela, we had a second floor room. And in Spain, the ground floor is numbered zero, so to the California Chicas, that meant three flights of stairs to climb.  The view from our window was an interesting mix of old and new.

Nothing special about the room, but for you fans of Donna’s collection, here’s last night’s, below.

And the night before’s, also below.

Sarria is a big deal. That’s where we are tonight.

In order to get your Compostela certificate, you have to walk at least 100K. (Bicyclists have to ride at least 200K.) Sarria is 111K from Santiago, so it is the starting point for hundreds of people.

Last time, I let the crowds get to me, mostly when perky Pilgrims practically ran ahead of me that first day. But now, I don’t compare myself. I remember Teddy Roosevelt’s quote, instead:  “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

This time I’m actually looking forward to seeing, greeting and maybe even meeting a few new people.

Here are a couple of video clips to enjoy from today.

(I have no idea why one looks like a video and the other is a link. Working from an iPad is a challenge.)

Donna loves bridges.

And a few fun photos.

Is this one of the Wizard of Oz apple-throwing trees?



Five more walking days left. Wow.


5 Replies to “The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly—Everywhere Today”

  1. Fantastic pictures. Great video and “funny” photos. Have thoroughly enjoyed following you on this trip. Safe travels for the rest or your trip!

  2. Your posts are awesome!! The pictures are spectacular! I have to remind myself that they’re NOT Facebook and I can’t click a “like” button to let you know how much I enjoy them or a button with a “smiling face” to say that it’s funny!! Wishing you safe travels for the remainder of your trip.

  3. You both rock!! Thanks for your wonderful posts, allowing us to walk vicariously through you.
    Happy belated birthday, Terri!! This will be one of your most memorable celebrations!! Safe journey for your last week!!

  4. Thank you Terri that was a wonderful posting. I really enjoyed the video and your funny pictures. What a trip. When you first told me about it
    I didn’t think it was doable. But you made it with a smile on your face and made it look like something we would all enjoy ( sort of).
    Beautiful places to see along a truly grueling journey. What a trip!

  5. Absolutely beautiful. You are right Terri, your rain gear is perfect. Thanks Donna for the bedroom shots. By this time I am sure you don’t really care what it looks like as long as there is a place to “crash”.

    Love you both.


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