We Arrive. June 5, 2017

We left early (7:30 am for us) and arrived in the square around 10 a.m. Short walking day. High emotions.

We were happy. We were in awe of the energy. We were grateful and prayerful.

Here are some pix from our last day.

We left our lodging in Teo before the other pilgrims were up and moving. (Breakfast was supposed to be served at 8, but we asked for 7 am so that we get get going early.)

Morning has broken.
Long shadows and high emotions.
We turned a corner in a wooded neighborhood and gasped. It was our first glimpse of Santiago in the distance. (Zoom in!)
We are clearly headed in the right direction!
The last stream we would cross.
Post giant hug photo.
Official compostella (in the tube) and our completed pilgrim’s passports certifying almost 200 miles.

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  1. You two are amazing. You both look wonderful and extremely happy. I will be happy to see you home again. Miss you.


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