Under 100k to Go Now!

The walk out of Sarria was busy and crowded as predicted. Donna and I chuckled at how spiffy and sparkly the “new people” seemed. All you have to do is look at someone’s shoes to know if this was Day 1 for them. Mine used to be an olive green, but now are embedded with beige dirt.


Morning rush hour out of Sarria.


One thing about lots of people on the trail—lots of offers to exchange picture-taking.


The earlier rain made the forest smell so good, and we were happy for the stepping stone bridge next to the little stream.
Zoom in. We are at the 99.99K more to go marker. Down from about 800K.


Looks like photo-op city signs are a thing.

We walked 23K today. Lots of up and down hill that warranted “legs up the wall” Pilgrim pose the minute we got in the room.

Only four more days of walking. Hard to believe.

4 Replies to “Under 100k to Go Now!”

  1. What a wonderful journey so far, the end in sight. If I try to put my feet into your dusty shoes–I imagine the end in sight carries with it a mixture of relief and joy!

  2. It is so good to see such happy smiling faces. I am every bit as happy as you are. Keep me informed and please take care of yourselves. I look forward to your final blog and Donna, I want that last bedroom picture.

    Love Mom

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