Let’s Try Video

The terrain and scenery can vary dramatically in one day.

Early morning shadows as we are bordered by vines. Click the video link below.

Buenos Dias in the Vineyards

The last 5K of the same day. Click video links below.

Buenas Tardes (Part 1)

Buenas Tardes (Part 2)

And, for fans of the “Room with a View” Series, here’s that night’s lodging.

Our room in the Parador of Santo Domingo. We learned there are two in this city. How? Donna’s suitcase was delivered to the other one in town.

We reminded ourselves that patience is a virtue and waited for her suitcase to be retrieved and delivered. We sat in the shade, in a cafe on the Calle Mayor (Main Street), comforted by cold sangria.

The view from the room’s window? Good reason to search elsewhere for the sangria.

Later, waiting for the “early” dinner seating at 8:30 p.m. at the other Parador in town, we were treated to people watching on the square.

We didn’t get to bed until 11 p.m., so not as much sleep as we would normally like, but when in Spain . . . You’re going to eat late.

Here’s our selfie the next morning, in front of the hotel’s tribute to Peregrinos. (That’s us. Pilgrims walking the Camino.)

And then, the highlight of the morning was seeing two new favorite young people. Meet Ponytail and Provence. (She’s Ponytail. He’s Provence. More on them later.)

4 Replies to “Let’s Try Video”

  1. WOW. You covered everything in this one. I really enjoyed the video. It was great hearing your voice. If you do a video again I want to hear Donna at least saying “hello everybody”. After all she is my adopted daughter. I am glad I waited until this morning to see your post because the email you sent to me didn’t have any place to click in order to watch it so I chose waiting for today’s post.

    Love, Mom

  2. You two are incredible! Even the pace you’re keeping in the video is quick.
    Praying for shade a breeze!!

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