Day 15: El Acebo to Ponferrada (Sept. 24) 22K

Camino Haiku

Left early (for us).
Rain, rocks, down, down we crept
To Castle Templar.

The street lights were still on when left El Acebo this morning. Dressed for rain. Again.
Morning glory and spooky low clouds as we start a long downhill climb.
Slippery when wet.
No easy path.
Rain stopped, so now let’s go for steep.
Almost down, hugging the tiny bits of dirt on the right.
Flat cobblestones on the bridge to the last village before the big city of Ponferrada.

It was all sidewalk, roadside and city streets once we cleared this town. Once we relaxed and showered we walked some MORE into the Old Town of Ponferrada to tour the medieval Castillo de Templar.

Looking back from whence we walked.

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