The O’Cebreiro Mountain Climb


Last time (2019) we tackled this climb after having already walked 22K. In fact, we stopped to “fuel up” with lunch at a charming B&B. We left the B&B in the late afternoon and didn’t arrive to the top until 7:30 pm. I melted down, almost literally, from the exhaustion and heat.

So, that’s why this time we purposely planned to tackle the mountain in the morning. In fact, we actually stayed at the B&B that had served us the lunch before the 2019 ascent.

Here’s our room, and I thought that having it be my favorite color was a good omen. Besides, it was my birthday.


Outside our door was a balcony!


And here is the view from our “library hour” table.


Here’s what was ON our table. Did I mention that it was my birthday?


Ice is difficult to come by in Spain, so when the ice in our wine bucket melted, I didn’t let it go to waste. A blister had formed during the day, and ice cold water was part of the cure.

We got an early start the next morning and walked about 2K before the trail started to climb. Here’s the “before” video:

The bottom of the climb video.

And here’s me trying to show you how far up we had to go.

Ya kinda had to be there to see how steep it is.

Donna’s turn to film me doing great.

Terri trucking strong.

We made it.

Ta Dah! We are strong at the top.
Posing with a peregrina sculpture, also at the top.

Turns out our lodging reservations got changed, so we are in an Albergue, albeit with a private room and bath. Walking around, we discovered the town we’re in is known for cheese making. “Cow cheese” as our host explained.

This gal was ready to retire for the day.

There’s a cow at the window!

Off to sleep now. We’re both feeling joyful, accomplished and blessed.

8 Replies to “The O’Cebreiro Mountain Climb”

  1. Thank you for the wonderful videos of your trip it just seems amazing. Both of you look healthy happy and beautiful! I love your attitude about the steep climb. What an incredible experience you too are my heroes

  2. A great way to celebrate your birthday!
    And yes, that is very steep! I’ve been on a similar climb, but not after the hundreds of kilometers you both have covered. I am in awe.

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