Day 14: Rabanal to Acebo (Monday, Sept 23)

Oh, What a Beautiful Day…For the Most Part

Despite the cold, and the immediate sprinkles we encountered upon exiting our charming Posada lodging, we donned our rain gear with smiles.

Matching raincoats (that’s a story for another time) and matching buffs (from our Safari in February), we take our morning selfie. I was trying out a new system whereby I wore my hat under the hood of my raincoat so that I wouldn’t have to have monovision through the hood. It worked great. Just call me Sister Bertrille.
And we thought cobblestones were hard on the ankles! (You ain’t seen nothing yet!)

The rain never really materialized, but it was very cold, so we kept our outer layers on for a while. We were in the mountains, marveling at the trees, the ground cover, the colors and flowers.

Donna went into full Master Gardener mode and captured flora and fauna galore.

Fall in a Spanish forest.
I collected stones this morning for my husband, John, myself, Patrick and Nike, Tim, Kelsey and Enrique and mis nietos Bailey, Colton and Connor. I laid them at the foot of the Cruz de Ferro (AKA the Iron Cross, the highest point on the French Way of the Camino).
May the Lord bless you
and keep you.
May the Lord make his face shine upon you
and be gracious unto you.
May he give you Peace.
So happy together.
These grow straight out of the ground!
More fall colors!
Down, down, down we go. Rocks, granite, slow and steady, our knees were talking to us big time. We were grateful for our hiking poles and no rain! The last 2 miles would have been a running stream.

All caught up! Tomorrow’s forecast (Tuesday) is rain most of the way into Ponferrada. And a lot more downhill.

Film at 11.

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