We Love Leon

Sunday, Sept. 4

We managed to arrive early in Leon because we remembered how much we loved our day off here in 2019. No days off, this time, however.

CaminoWays booked us at a different hotel, a Parador. We couldn’t believe it.

A former convent, pilgrim hospital and prison, it is stunning inside and out.


Crazy luxurious room. We feel like Royalty. Albeit dusty, road-weary Royalty.
Our most favorite shop from last year was open, but Antonio the calligrapher was not there to customize our purchases. Still, a highlight of the day.
Best Sangria so far. Cafe right on the Camino.
“May the rest of our lives be the best of our lives,” Donna toasts.
Normally, I’m not a fan of begonias. These are the exception, in front of the Cathedral of Leon and across from where we’ll be having dinner with Paul and Jenny from Australia. Italian food!

More later, when I get a chance and good WiFi.


9 responses to “We Love Leon”

  1. We loved leon and stayed in the Monastery. The night before we began out Camino, a retired priest who lived there gave us the Perigrino
    Blessing. Hope you stay more than one night in Leon. Burn Camino!

  2. Thanks Terri and Donna for being our Camino friends. We probably wont meet again as we are taking a rest day and you are moving on. You have enriched out Camino experience in may ways: Taking me to a Pilgrim Service/blessing, Introducing me to Cava, having a laugh and appreciating the beauty of the moment to mention just a few things.
    Enjoy, keep walking, keep laughing and keep safe.
    Jenny and Paul XX

  3. What a beautiful part of your trip. I know you luxuriated in the beautiful surroundings and the sangria
    Continue on safely and enjoy every minute!!

  4. Lookin’ good pilgrims! Beautiful city, beautiful sangria, now I so want some!
    Keep on keepin’ on!
    Buen Camino!

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