We’re Not in Kansas, Anymore. That’s for Sure.

Our morning selfie from Ponferrada, Friday, 9/9.


Hints of autumn on The Way.


Mountain trails with perfect temperature and shade trees as a bonus.


We are not the only “seniors” on the Camino. These folks are from France.


Less than 200K to go!


When someone offers to take your picture, you say Gracias!


Fixer upper for sale in El Acebo.


The famous Iron Cross. People bring something from their home and leave it at the foot of the cross. It’s personal. So just know we each left something written on shells we’ve been carrying. Amen.


Sometimes, you find a place to sit on the side of the trail, sip water, munch your snack and marvel at the beauty in front of you.

Here’s a video of the El Bierzo wine district that we walked through on Friday, 9/9. I butcher the pronunciation in the video. Should be Bee-air-zoh. Brain boil after 22K of walking in the sun.

The El Bierzo Wine Country

Tomorrow, Saturday, Sept. 10, we walk to the foot of O’Cebreiro and spend the night. O’Cebreiro is Latin for “Oh, so steep, you think you’re going to die.”

Saturday is my birthday. All I want is to kick some O’Cebreiro ass the next day.

Stay tuned.

16 Replies to “We’re Not in Kansas, Anymore. That’s for Sure.”

    1. I can’t tell you how many times these last few days, Donna and I have said oh Sue is going to love this. Michele is going to love that. Of course there are things we also notice that you, Michelle may not like so much. As in downhill from El Acebo!

  1. When we are both in the desert, maybe November, I want to sit down and truly understand what you are doing and why. I admire you for accomplishing this but do not understand it.
    You know I am shallow and maybe will never understand it . LOL

  2. Happy Birthday!! Thank you for sharing your adventure with me. I have looked forward to your posts everyday! You two Caminos are inspiring.

  3. What a great experience you’re having Terri‼️Love taking this walk vicariously through your blog…thank you‼️❤️

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