Day 23: Arzua to Armenal (Sooo close, with one more sleep to go)

After that grueling, record-setting trek into Arzua, we looked forward to a “normal” day of about 20K. We were hyperaware that we were just one sleep away from Santiago, and I think that’s why our photos from the day were such a variety of scenery, terrain and people. We wanted to make sure we got a little bit of everything along the way.

One of our favorite pictures from our Portuguese Coastal Route Camino was taken by another pilgrim as we walked down the trail. We tried to re-create it on this next-to-last day, recruiting Alex and his mom “Hey, Hey” Mickie.

Alex convinced us to upgrade to video.

Ready, set, ACTION! (Along with annoying swinging shell sounds that don’t cover up our fake conversation.

The Camino took us through forests of varying trail surfaces and tree trunks, past a beer garden the likes of which I’ve never seen, and through villages old and new.

I fully expected the trees to come to life and throw apples at me ala Dorothy in the The Wizard of OZ.

Our last night on the way to Santiago was at one of the privately owned “gatehouses” off the Camino trail. This is the view from our bedroom window of this old stone house.

Not pictured: Donna walking around the property, scaring the sheep who thought she was a baaaaad intruder.

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