One More Sleep Before Santiago

Memorize the Moments

Do you ever have a day or an experience in which you think, “I have to memorize this moment”? I remember saying that to myself on my wedding day. (And on my daughter’s wedding day, which was Sept. 18 last year. It’s also the day we’ll walk into Santiago tomorrow.)

Today, the day before we walk into Santiago was one of those days.

Will this be the last babbling brook we hear on the Camino?

Another “cathedral forest arch.” Will there be more? I don’t remember.

Will we see the 4 Hermanos (Brothers) again? The Denver Sisters? We had better get photos. (We actually got phone numbers so that we can connect in Santiago tomorrow.)

Click HERE for the answer via video.

Our morning selfie included a new friend.

Bamba the Labrador kissed me goodbye.

Here’s the lobby of the “antiqua” restored farmhouse we stayed in Friday night.

And here it is Saturday morning when we left.

NOTE: The two big suitcases are mine and Donna’s. We started 33 days ago in France. The two carry-ons belong to people who started 3 days ago and have 3 more to go. Just sayin’.

Here’s a video of our rest break. 

Tonight, our window is the one on the right.

Another “antiqua” restored farmhouse. We realized as we walked up that we stayed here 3 years ago, just not on the last night before Santiago.

And the view from the window:


God bless, and good night.

The California Chicas

4 Replies to “One More Sleep Before Santiago”

  1. What an inspiration and motivation you have been to me and many friends with I’ve shared your journey! Looking forward to seeing you and walking and talking! Safe travels!!

  2. What a beautiful post I think this was my favorite! You got your dog hug I’m sure that was really needed.
    Love To stay at that Antiqua farmhouse. Both look radiant but very thin. Well you can eat all you want when you get home.
    Enjoy the remainder of your trip.

  3. Such good memories you’ll add to your collection. I enjoyed your walk with you and wish you a safe return home.🙏❤️

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