3 Replies to “What California Camino Chicas Do With a Luxury Item”

  1. Oh yes a bidet comes in handy for a lot of washing. You too are just amazing.
    So glad you got the luxury of a fan. Its funny the things we take for granted. Onward! I hope you enjoy life with each step you take.

  2. Are you telling me they don’t have dryers there or did you even have to wash everything by hand? You are amazing. By the way, you aren’t the only one having record breaking heat. The past two weeks we have been 99 to 102 degrees and the weather report says to expect next week to be 104 – 107 degrees.

    Stay cool. Love Mom

    1. Actually, we hand-washed the shirts and “unmentionables” in the bidet! (I packed some Dawn dishwashing liquid.) Then, when we took our separate baths, our pants joined us in the tub. Two loads of laundry dried by one fan.

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