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  • Half Way There @ Sahagun

    About 400K Down and About 400 More to Trample 23K in Great Weather this Time It was this segment of the Camino three years ago that taught us the hardest lesson we were to learn.  When you put on your raincoat, put on your rain pants, too. Why? Because without rain pants, the water runs down […]

  • The Meseta is a Mind Game

    Castrojeriz to Fromista to Carrion de Los Condes Monday/Tuesday 8/29 and 30 We knew what the morning would bring first thing—a steep climb that felt like it went on f o r e v e r three years ago. We had to stop three or four times back then. In fact, it was on that […]

  • The Day Before the Dreaded Meseta

    Hornillos de Camino to Castrojeriz: Stage 14 The calm before the storm. Actually, there’s only 47% chance of rain tomorrow, Monday. The “storm” I refer to is the Meseta. Google “Meseta Spain.” Today was only 20K and we were treated to hills and dales and sunflower crops that went on forever. People often ask if […]

  • What California Camino Chicas Do With a Luxury Item

    Electric Fan!? Awesome  Let’s do laundry And now, we turn it around to cool us as we sleep. Buenas noche.

  • Let’s Try Video

    The terrain and scenery can vary dramatically in one day. Buenos Dias in the Vineyards Buenas Tardes (Part 1) Buenas Tardes (Part 2) And, for fans of the “Room with a View” Series, here’s that night’s lodging. We reminded ourselves that patience is a virtue and waited for her suitcase to be retrieved and delivered. […]

  • L O N G E S T Day, No Time to Post

    Surprise! Your Lodging is 6K Past Where You Thought Your Day Ended. We knew it would be a 24K day, which is long enough. When we checked the map profile against our lodging reservation. YIKES. We are in for a 30K day. (18 miles) This is when the mental game kicks in. We instantly readjusted […]

  • The People We Meet

    Here’s our little code. You chat with someone along the way, and you don’t learn their name, so you give them a label. So there’s Miami Man. Or Red Shirt Guy. New Zealand Gals. If we could keep up with the Boys in the Band, we would have. But they are three student-age looking guys […]

  • Locked In, Lost and Lagging

    The day started beautifully, from a little rural cottage in which we were the only Pilgrims. (Others were couples and families on vacation.) Thankfully, the hostess said she would see that our luggage was taken down the stairs for the transport company to retrieve in the lobby. In the charming city of Viana, we were […]

  • A Wonderful Walk in So Many Ways

    Today, Saturday, Aug. 20 was Day 6 of walking, and we’ve covered more than 100K to date. Today’s “mileage” was 22K to our lodging. We knew it would be a tough one because of anticipated heat (93 degrees at the end of the trail), and the last “services” were at 9.5K. That means no water […]

  • Captions Only to Catch Up (A Little)

    We are doing about 22K a day and just finished the first one in full sun. Scenery is spectacular, with the vineyards starting to border our trail. Friday night is in Estella, a picturesque, bustling town with OLD and new butting up against each other. Again, however, the WiFi is weak. I don’t know how […]